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Soulancipation Ventures is a “meta-project” for several specific trainings, workshops, seminars, and events, each of which is designed to create a ripple of change that will lead to a safer and more loving world for everyone. The idea is that different people are attracted from different directions into the work of reclaiming, embracing and living their true authentic magnificence. But all of us are ultimately moving toward the same thing—namely, the full expression and experience of who we really are—so the multiple tracks provided here give people many different mechanisms for achieving their personal growth objectives.

The more people who sign up to face their fears and step lovingly into their own natural divinity, the greater the ripple of change will be, and the world will have no choice but to change in wonderful ways.

The Magic of I Am I Love My Shadow MagnifEssence One Million Power Rings
“I Am”. These are very powerful words, more powerful than we realize, possibly even the most powerful words in the universe. We all use these words all the time, most often without even thinking twice. [Learn More] We all have shadows—those parts of ourselves that we tend to hide or disown or disavow—because of some underlying belief that they are bad or unacceptable or inappropriate. And even though we might have been [Learn More] There is a natural divinity within that we all strive to discover, illuminate, and call forth in our lives, and when we do from time to time succeed in doing that, our most wonderful creativity, presence and [Learn More] Moving through our fears out of shadow and into the light of our genuine power can be a daunting challenge. All the more so if we believe we have to do the work alone. But the truth is, we can’t really do it alone, [Learn More]