There is a natural divinity within that we all strive to discover, illuminate, and call forth in our lives, and when we do from time to time succeed in doing that, our most wonderful creativity, presence and spirituality shine forth in what can only be described as “MagnifEssence”.

In order to find our way to our “MagnifEssence”, however, most of us have to navigate through countless limiting and disempowering beliefs that our minds have constructed for us—under the pretext of “keeping us safe”. Starting from some painful episodes that took place during our formative years, our minds have taught us to fear our brilliance and our power with the story that we are somehow going to hurt or damage others. And so, in order to protect those we love, we have chosen to hide our treasures and accept lives of mediocrity or even despair, rather than to risk shining in the world. This has cost us dearly, and it doesn’t take much to look outside in the world and see how many people have fallen into the trap of selling themselves short. And because so many of us have chosen to deny the truth of who we are, the world itself is showing clear signs of our collective shadow.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Each of us is a unique, amazing, and divine being of unlimited potential. And when we choose to face our fears and honor the deepest essence of who we really are, we cast a brilliant light in the world and give others the permission they are looking for to step into their light as well. The fact is that it’s difficult to do this work alone; it is much easier to work through our shadows into our light when we do the work together, guided by the loving power of those who have gone before us.

Journey into MagnifEssence is a comprehensive and powerful set of workshops designed to help you connect to who you really are, to remember and recognize your true purpose, and to reclaim, embrace, and live your own authentic magnificence. Each workshop in the series invites you to join several other men and women into progressively deeper experiences of the true power of vulnerability, openness, honesty and self-responsibility.

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