One Million Power Rings

Moving through our fears out of shadow and into the light of our genuine power can be a daunting challenge. All the more so if we believe we have to do the work alone. But the truth is, we can’t really do it alone, because we need the mirroring capabilities of our sisters and brothers to help us remain aware of how we are showing up. It really helps if we have a close and intimate circle of trusted people to help us in showing up in a consistently authentic way. This is where a Power Ring comes into the picture.

A Power Ring is a safe and sacred support circle consisting of about 8 to 12 people—usually a more-or-less equal number of men and women—who gather on a regular basis to help each other deal with their on-going issues so that they can grow and expand consciously into the truly magnificent beings that they know themselves to be. The Power Ring is an unconditionally loving container that encourages lots of confidential sharing and processing, facilitated as necessary by the members of the group, and balanced by the supportive energies of the Lover, Warrior, Magician, and Sovereign archetypes.

One Million Power Rings is an inspirational movement to create Power Ring support circles all over the planet. Each individual circle has the power to change the lives of a relatively small number people, which has a ripple effect into the communities in which those people circulate. The potential for change from 1,000,000 such circles is phenomenal! Help us to grow these circles and to Save the Planet!

To find out more, please visit our website at One Million Power Rings.