Soulancipation Ventures™, LLC

Soulancipation Ventures™, LLC holds a powerful vision of a loving and harmonious world in which each person is the most fulfilled and magnificent being he or she can possibly be. The company’s mission is:

To empower and inspire holistic leaders and practitioners into their true passion and authentic magnificence by helping them to harness the power of their shadows and ignite their unstoppable engines of conscious creation.

We believe that everyone—without exception—is a truly unlimited being with virtually infinite potential. We also recognize that most humans have a tendency to hold themselves back, to keep themselves from fulfilling this potential, because of limiting beliefs that evolve out of a variety of disempowering experiences that happen during one’s life. The primary objective of our workshops, seminars, trainings, and programs is to help people uncover, illuminate, heal, and integrate the disowned parts associated with those limiting beliefs. By doing this work, people develop loving and nurturing compassion for their so-called “faults” and thus learn to overcome their limiting beliefs and connect more deeply to their infinite potential. This leads to much higher levels of self-love and personal fulfillment, which helps to produce a world with much less unresolved conflict.

David McLeod [ Click Here for David's Full Media Kit ]

David McLeod is a personal coach, spiritual counselor, and experiential facilitator who has been deeply involved in personal growth work since 1995. He has devoted himself to understanding what it is that keeps people from fulfilling their potential, and he has developed powerful techniques to support men and women in accomplishing the core transformations necessary to allow them to embrace the full essence of who they are.

As the founder and “Chief Empowerment Officer” of Soulancipation Ventures™, LLC, David is immensely passionate about creating and delivering experiential workshops, seminars, and programs for men and women who are serious about doing the work necessary to connect to their full potential.

David's personal mission is:

To create universal harmony by modeling, fostering, and facilitating authentic magnificence.
and he recognizes that he cannot expect others to step into their magnificence unless and until he is willing to do his own work. Consequently, he is devoted to healing his own wounds and integrating his own shadows, so that he can help others to do the same.

A musician and poet who brings innovative creativity to all of his endeavors, David holds a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling. David is available for group facilitation as well as one-on-one or couples counseling, and will also do speaking engagements on request.

Our Logo Family

The logos that you see on this website and other websites owned and operated by Soulancipation Ventures™, LLC have a common theme. In each logo image, you will see a stylized human figure enclosed inside a tilted square, with some symbol or object extending out of the enclosure. Each image is intended to represent a way in which we are collectively doing whatever it takes to “live outside the box”, where the box, of course, represents our own self-imposed limitations.