Last Updated: 2012/10/26


At Soulancipation Ventures, LLC™, we are committed to delivering the most powerful message we can in order to help create a world that is brimming with unconditional love for everyone. In order to deliver this message of personal empowerment, it is necessary for us to make use of whatever technologies are available. And, in the spirit of conscious commerce, we choose to partner with technology companies who are also highly conscious about their impact on the world.

HostGator Hosting

We have chosen to host all of our websites with HostGator. Why? For a number of reasons:

  • Amazing 24x7 support
  • Very fast servers
  • Wind-powered, eco-friendly hosting
There are a lot more reasons why HostGator is a great choice, but if you are interested in finding out more, then check it out for yourself...

Web-site Setup

All of our web-sites are based on a powerful WordPress™ platform coupled with some powerful plug-ins and supporting software. Here are the details:

WordPress Logo   WordPress™ is the main platform for creating all of our pages. It is a very powerful and highly configurable system. Best of all, it's Free!
DAP Logo   Digital Access Pass™ is a full-featured membership and e-commerce plugin that works with WordPress™. DAP™ also manages all of your email requirements. The only thing you need in order to work with DAP™ is a merchant account. However, if you have another shopping cart or autoresponder, DAP™ will integrate with them for you.
ezS3 Logo   EZS3™ leverages all the cost-effective power of Amazon's "Simple Storage Service" (S3) and provides you with a very powerful and easy to use interface. If you need to share audio, video or other media on your website, you'll find EZS3 to be a great tool.